About us

Withled supports the new technology, guiding and advising designers and architects who wish to use LED. Withled is the division specialized in lighting of the firm Torres Rius Aymerich that has more than 20 years within the sector of the distribution of electrical components of control. Among them, there is a wide range of light indicators, developed entirely by the technical department. The LED is incorporated into various products and this has made us increase our experience for the development of products created with LED technology and thus be able to improve the advice to our customers.   A new light source In recent years a new light source has been introduced strongly in the lighting market: LED. This new source has many advantages that can enhance your architectural projects, as well as illuminate and decorate your decoration. Among its advantages are its size, robustness, durability and the ability to control it to perform combinations and instant color effects. Withled supports the new technology, guiding and advising all designers and architects who wish to use LED. For this we have an expert project department with the ability to make 'custom' products giving a global solution and thus adapting new technologies to your needs Young company, committed to the client and eager to collaborate in their projects. We do not limit ourselves solely to the source of light, but we can also offer integral solutions ranging from the most appropriate product advice to the different control possibilities through software, remote control or integrated solutions.

hilosophy and commitment Our commitment to LED means that we only work with this technology and not with conventional lighting sources. We continue working day by day, to continue being more professionals and to be able to achieve the total satisfaction of the needs of our clients. Our specialization will have better resources to ILLUMINATE YOUR PROJECTS.   Environment The LED lamps are ecological since they do not contain mercury, they have a longer duration and save up to 80% of energy compared to conventional lamps. With the growing demand for energy and the effect of global warming, LED lamps play an important role in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Replacing traditional halogen with an equivalent LED, helps reduce global warming by 107 kg of annual CO2. The European Union approved on December 8, 2008, the calendar for the progressive suppression of traditional incandescent lamps, as of September 1, 2009 and its replacement by the new models of low consumption.