Proyecto: Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Products used in this project

San Joan de Déu Hospital Project

Lighting and design for a new space

Last April, this new project came into the hands of our Technical Department, where design and lighting had to come together to create a new space in a Hospital with more than 150 years of history. Our technicians knew how to perfectly capture the needs of our clients, advising from the light tone to the most appropriate location.

As highlighted in the photographs, an illuminated area is created between the wooden sheets that allows creating a powerful effect that perfectly combines with the tone of the wood and creates this light effect that is born from the inside.

The area is complemented with lamps made to measure for our client. This is thanks to the fact that we have a project department that allows us to capture the customer's need and create a customized product, which also has Regulation systems that allow you to create the scenes according to your needs.

As our motto says: "You imagine it, we enlighten it"